Customized Wedding Shadow Box

You might notice by reading my blog that I love giving personalized gifts! I love coming up with ideas for big events such as weddings and the arrivals of little ones. Since one of my cousin’s weddings was coming up I saw this as a perfect opportunity to make something special for them. I wanted to incorporate their names and their wedding date.

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Clamp Rack

Customizable Clamp RackMy husband and I knocked this little project out in about 3 hours. This was something my hubby has been wanting to make for a while. This is a clamp rack, it will be used to hold all our clamps. It makes working on projects a little easier and not having to dig through the tool box for a certain clamp. Continue reading

DIY: Special Occasion Journals

Make Mom or Dad a Journal and write in it every year in place of cards.

My husband and I are on this journal kick. We each started a journal for our little girl. My journal is a detailed week to week (I know who has time for that) its a journal that talks about her new discoveries and what she is doing on a daily basis. It also covers words that she is learning and what adventures we take as a family. My husbands journal covers funny stories of my daughter, it is very comical and I love seeing his interest in writing to our little one.

I am a card saver, however with another little person in the house you can imagine my card overflow. So for holidays like “Mother’s Day” and “Father’s Day” I thought it would a really nice idea to create a journal and then have us the “Mommy & Daddy” write in it on these special occasions.

The object of the special occasion journal is to write a message to “Mommy” or “Daddy.” Right now my husband and I are writing messages to each other in the journal, but once our little one is able to write she will be added into the mix to add her thoughts and messages to us.

I mean how cute and convenient is this idea? You just have to keep the journal in a special place so that you remember where it is when the special occasion comes up. Although the journal is only 1 year old I cannot wait to see the memories that we are going to create in it when we look back at it one day!

This is a super easy fun project. All you need is to purchase a journal. We bought pricey journals for both of us (ranging at about $20 each.) Compared to buying cards every year, that is nothing! We wanted something that would last for the next 18 years. Start off writing a message to your spouse for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. Then have your little one write a message for them as well.

This is the perfect add on for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day!


DIY: New Baby Onesie

I am enjoying the Cricut so much right now! I cannot believe how easy it is to use. I probably spend the most time on creating the designs. Being that I am a newbie, I also find myself performing test trials on the pieces before I use the final material. I am sure once I feel more confident the time I will spend crafting projects will be even less!

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FREE PRINTABLE: Counting Goldfish

 Today I am sharing with you a FREE PRINTABLE:COUNTING GOLDFISH for your toddler. Sometimes we need a few distractions when we are eating. I created this fun FREE PRINTABLE intentionally for visually showing my daughter numbers/counting. However it has also come in handy at the dinner table as a distraction when we are eating (a good distraction that is.) So it works right?

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Choosing The Right Kitchen Hardware

Today I am going to talk to you about how we chose the right hardware for our kitchen. The smallest change can make a world of difference. By adding knobs or pulls to your cabinets you can bring a whole new style to your kitchen. We partnered up with Kreg on this project, I am excited to share with you the tool that helped make this project efficient. When we purchased our home and choose our cabinetry we decided not to go with the hardware that was offered by the builder. It was very standard and we didn’t want to pay the extra money for something that we were not too fond of. So fast forward to 4 years later, and we are finally putting the finishing touches on our kitchen! We have lots of mini kitchen projects ahead of us, but one step at a time!

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“Little Fingers Touch These Floors” Door Sign

We are a no shoes house. We actually were like this before we had a baby, but totally more OCD about it now. Our little girls room is where she plays and (use to crawl all over the place.) I saw this saying online and thought it was so cute. For about a year I had a paper sign on my daughter’s door. Since I own the amazing Cricut I thought I could make a really cute sign for her door. So here it is!

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Gallery Wall

So I did some rearranging in the front of our home. We are getting ready to work on a BIG project in our living room, dining room and foyer (it has not begun yet, but stay tuned!) You see, I have this wall in the foyer of my home. I do not like this wall because the good old ac vent is there and cannot be covered in any way. I had a table in front of it for the longest time, but I found that it was taking away from the looks of my table. Plus the dust was building up in the ac vent. I really do think I should be blocking it, but the AC man never told us it was not OK. Anyways, for the longest time I was trying to figure out what to do with this wall. My first thought was a gallery wall! You can do so much with a gallery wall. There are no rules or limitations of what you can put on it. So I made my decision, gallery wall it is!

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