DIY: Hello Frame

So I found this mint colored frame at my local craft store. I love mint colored things. Our little girl’s nursery is mint, her 1st Birthday party featured mint, my Cricut is mint colored, I own several mint colored blouses, and my nails are currently mint! I am mint obsessed! Although in this case I am not sure if was being mint obsessed or the 70% off sale that got me.

I am currently working on a gallery wall in our home. I picked it up hoping I could use it on the feature wall. It didn’t take me too long to come up with what to put in this frame. I went back and forth between the idea of putting a picture in the frame or one word. I decided on using a word. Since the frame was going to be showcased in our foyer “hello” seemed to be the first thing that came to mind. So “hello” it is.

Now it was time to start creating in my Cricut Design Studio.

I started out by creating the text for “hello” then I changed the font to Magnolia Sky. This is a favorite font of mine.

Since I am a Cricut amateur I should still be cutting practice sheets, but on this one I did not and I ended up cutting this piece probably close to 6 times (using up a whole sheet of card stock.) I ended up using a copper cardstock. I thought it would create a good contrast with the mint frame.

After I cut “Hello” out, I weeded around it.

Then I laid out the word in mat of the frame to make sure it fit. It fit, but it looked too small, so it was back to Design Space to play around with the text a little more. I have no problem admitting that not all craft projects come out perfect the first time around. This took me several attempts to get it to fit perfectly in my frame mat. After I got it to my liking it was time to glue. I used tacky glue to glue the letters on the white card stock. I glued the letters to a piece of white card stock. I would not recommend anything thinner than card stock mainly because of the bubbling that can occur.

And here is the finished product! I am so happy with it! This cost me under $4.00 to make. I am only accounting for the cost of the frame, because I had all the other supplies at home.

What do you all think?

Stay tuned, I am currently working on putting together pieces for my gallery wall!

DIY Disney Onesie

My daughter had her first adventure at “Magic Kingdom.” How could I resist not having a customized outfit for the day right? Especially since I own a Cricut. No excuses. Customized shirts really seem to be a thing now a days. When we were at the park we couldn’t believe all the people walking around with them. You can find these custom outfits on shops like Etsy OR you can make your own.

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Easter Egg Crafting

So last year I purchased a ton of plastic Easter eggs from the dollar store. I was “that mom” who put her baby in a basket and placed all the plastic eggs around her to get a cute shot. Surprisingly it was a success and now I have a ton of plastic eggs leftover. There is no point in throwing them away since they will come in handy for upcoming easter egg hunts. I saw a fellow blogger post how to “revamp” these plastic eggs and thought it was a really cute idea. Then I searched pinterest and found that this looks to be a trending craft, so of course I had to try it. I had all the materials for this project at hand, so there was no excuses! Continue reading

Bonus Room Built-in Unit


I have been so excited to share this project. We started it back in December and put the finishing touches on it by mid February.

My husband and I were talking about all the projects that we want to tackle in 2017. It just so happen we were upstairs and my husband pointed out a dead space area. He said “This would be a perfect area for a built-in, right?” Of course I did not disagree. My organizational mind kept thinking of all the possible items this thing could hold. Well, to break it down, we were able to eliminate two small (3 shelf) bookcases. Their main purpose was holding board games and old VHS that we cannot just bare to get rid of. We also eliminated a “stand alone DVD rack.” We also eliminated a “shot glass cabinet” which was a really great place for it (out of the way.)

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Toddler friendly Valentine’s Day Treats

Toddler friendly Valentine's day treatsToday I am sharing my “toddler friendly valentine” craft project. It was a toss up to figure out what to create for my child’s upcoming Valentine’s Day party. I went back in forth between food or stickers, I settled on the idea of food. Then I had to narrow it down to small group of “healthy-like” foods for toddlers. I figured parents would not appreciate the candy, or yet, maybe they would for themselves. Anyways, it was a toss up between “Sprout” baby puree, goldfish and puffs. I thought the puffs would be the better way to go. Then I asked her teachers and they agreed. So puffs it is!

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Little Pumpkin’s First Birthday

Oh boy, I cannot believe I am starting this post (originally started in August). Where did my baby’s first year go? People tell me all the time, they grow up so fast. I am still in shock to say that I have a one year old!!! We spend so much time with her and we love watching her grow, I cannot say anything more than, I just love being Mabel’s Mommy!

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Custom Pantry Renovation

Custom Pantry Renovation(1)So this is it, what was suppose to take us about a month, turned into a summer project. This project has been on our to do list for quite sometime.  I tried to take as many pictures during the process. This was our first “big” project since baby, my husband did 80% of this project by himself, while I did the 20% which was painting. But in between many baby naps, we finally completed the project and we are so happy with the way it turned out.

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Oh, the places we have been…

www.CreativeUnravelings.comIn the 14 years we have been together, we have been on some pretty amazing adventures. By far one of the best adventures was our trip to Ireland. We traveled throughout Ireland at our own pace and were able to see so many different cities and experience so many amazing things. Continue reading