DIY: Special Occasion Journals

Make Mom or Dad a Journal and write in it every year in place of cards.

My husband and I are on this journal kick. We each started a journal for our little girl. My journal is a detailed week to week (I know who has time for that) its a journal that talks about her new discoveries and what she is doing on a daily basis. It also covers words that she is learning and what adventures we take as a family. My husbands journal covers funny stories of my daughter, it is very comical and I love seeing his interest in writing to our little one.

I am a card saver, however with another little person in the house you can imagine my card overflow. So for holidays like “Mother’s Day” and “Father’s Day” I thought it would a really nice idea to create a journal and then have us the “Mommy & Daddy” write in it on these special occasions.

The object of the special occasion journal is to write a message to “Mommy” or “Daddy.” Right now my husband and I are writing messages to each other in the journal, but once our little one is able to write she will be added into the mix to add her thoughts and messages to us.

I mean how cute and convenient is this idea? You just have to keep the journal in a special place so that you remember where it is when the special occasion comes up. Although the journal is only 1 year old I cannot wait to see the memories that we are going to create in it when we look back at it one day!

This is a super easy fun project. All you need is to purchase a journal. We bought pricey journals for both of us (ranging at about $20 each.) Compared to buying cards every year, that is nothing! We wanted something that would last for the next 18 years. Start off writing a message to your spouse for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. Then have your little one write a message for them as well.

This is the perfect add on for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day!

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Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers

I have been on the hunt for the last two months picking up little things here and there for my daughter’s Easter basket. I use to look forward to the candy in my basket when I was growing up. However, what happens when you have a toddler? Candy is not really the best option. So I have complied a list of ideas that hopefully can help you fill your little one’s Easter baskets!

  1. Easter Coloring Book with crayons
  2. Play-Doh Spring Easter Eggs
  3. Easter Books (Infant board books)
  4. Beach Toys
  5. Puzzles
  6. DVD’s
  7. Easter Rubber Ducks (I found some in the dollar section of my local Target)
  8. Easter Plush
  9. Easter Egg Sidewalk Chalk
  10. Bubbles (Found in Target’s Easter section for under $2.00)
  11. Sunglasses
  12. Annie’s Organic Bunny Fruit Snacks
  13. Annie’s Organic Cheddar Bunnies
  14. Plush Bunny Ears Headband
  15. Easter Plate, Fork and Spoon

Easter Books:

Here is a selection of Easter books in our household. Yes, my daughter has quite the collection in 2 years.

  • Little Golden Books “The Fuzzy Duckling”
  • Little Golden Books “Animal Friends”
  • Little Golden Books “Home for a Bunny”
  • “Hey Duck”
  • Blue’s Clues “Happy Easter, Sprinkles”
  • “Duck and Goose, Here Comes the Easter Bunny”
  • “All Ears”
  • “My Easter Bible Storybook”
  • “Five Little Ducks” (My daughter is going to be super excited about this one, this is currently one of her favorite songs. We sing it to her at least 1-3 times a day) I know she will just love this book!

Easter Activities for Children:

  • Don’t forget to take your little ones to see the Easter Bunny
  • Easter Egg Coloring
  • Easter Photo shoots in your own backyard. Dress up your little one, throw some plastic eggs in the yard and have fun with it!
  • Egg Hunts are always fun! We decided to do a little egg hunt in our backyard. We were actually practicing for the neighborhood egg hunt with the bigger kids. Inside the eggs I filled them with “Annie’s Organic Fruit snacks,” and “Annie’s Organic cheddar bunnies.”
  • Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt (my little one is a wee too young for this one, but that will not stop me for starting to plan a scavenger hunt for the future!)

The other item in the basket is a Vtech Smart Person “Stella and her Bunny.” Since my daughter loves her Vtech Smart People, I thought this toy would fit perfectly into the mix!

I hope my post helps give you all ideas for your toddler’s Easter baskets! Thank you for reading and Happy Easter!

Toddler friendly Valentine’s Day Treats

Toddler friendly Valentine's day treatsToday I am sharing my “toddler friendly valentine” craft project. It was a toss up to figure out what to create for my child’s upcoming Valentine’s Day party. I went back in forth between food or stickers, I settled on the idea of food. Then I had to narrow it down to small group of “healthy-like” foods for toddlers. I figured parents would not appreciate the candy, or yet, maybe they would for themselves. Anyways, it was a toss up between “Sprout” baby puree, goldfish and puffs. I thought the puffs would be the better way to go. Then I asked her teachers and they agreed. So puffs it is!

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Top Toys: Babies 1st Year

Our child has a lot of toys, watching her play and grow over the first year we noticed she became attached to a few of these toys. The toys we chose are good for the first year and probably a bit over. They have brought entertainment to our little girl as well as us. They teach her about colors, numbers, animals and so forth. She is not only learning what color the circle is, but she is learning how to push buttons and start to understand how things work…”Cause and Effect.”


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