Birthday Banner & Cupcake Decor

By Lisa, 24 November, 2014

Happy Hubby2

I planned a little surprise party for my Husbands birthday. I thought it would be fun to make my own decorations. They turned out to be a hit! Of course I cannot take all the credit for them, the ideas came from Pinterest.

Birthday Banner:

I collected pictures of just him from over the years.  I used a hole puncher to punch out holes on both the left and right top of each photo. Then I strung ribbon through each picture. Yes it was that simple!15546645488_a42f3d9b2a_k (2)15112811493_731213c41c_h (2)15754761768_f33c76255a_k (2)Cupcake Decor:

I love these because they are very personable and super easy to make. I took 2 photo's of my husband and cut out just his face. I made cone shaped hats and then glued them to the faces. Then I purchased little pom pom balls and glued those to the top of the birthday hat. For the sticks I bought "Popsicle sticks" from a party store and taped them to the back of each face.

15942206575_e80460cbde_k (2)15232284294_4114ec370e_k (2)15776349042_d4ec24ee93_k (2)The surprise party turned out great! It was very fun to plan!